Tea Party: “K.C. not D.C.”


May 17th, 2011

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Kansas City, KS – As Presidential candidates for 2012 step in, and out, of the ring, the Tea Party is hoping to be a major player in the election. The conservative group plans to throw their populist weight behind their preferred candidate to challenge President Barack Obama. The group kicked off their campaign to find that candidate this morning – right here in the heartland.

Before the conference starts, Temple prepares. (Photo by Lindsey Peterson)

A little over a dozen people gathered at Tuesday’s conference in Kansas City to announce the Tea Party’s Freedom Jamboree. That’s a straw poll convention planned for the fall, where Tea Partiers will pick their candidate for President.

William Temple is one of the Tea Party’s founders and the event organizer. Temple was dressed in traditional colonial attire with tea pots attached to his belt. He said his group wants to restore the nation’s constitutional principles, which he said, have been ignored by elected officials in D.C.

“Freedom Jamboree seeks to educate and inform the Tea Party nationally about this issue and to hold our elected officials accountable, this fall, right here. And it’s (the conference) to be held in America’s heartland, Kansas City.”

This fall, Tea Party supporters plan to meet in K.C not D.C. for the party's first official political convention. (Photo by Linsey Peterson)

This fall, Temple said he hopes thousands of Tea Party supporters will fill the empty racetrack that sat behind him.

“We’ll meet in the heartland, in the heart of red state country,” he said, “because all of this went for the Republicans last time.” So they decided, he said, to “pour our resources into a local economy like Kansas City, Kansas, which we’re sure can use all of those hotels, motels and restaurants.”

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