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May 27th, 2011

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Omaha, NE – This weekend, the Omaha Symphony celebrates the Spirit of Creativity with original music from one of their own.

On Saturday, the Omaha Symphony performs music from some of the most original composers in the last century, including Copland, Bartok, and Barber. The concert also features the world premiere of the ‘Three Scenes’ for Chamber Orchestra by the Omaha Symphony’s Resident Conductor, Ernest Richardson.

Ernest Richardson, Resident Conductor at the Omaha Symphony, will premiere his own work this weekend at the Strauss Performing Arts Center at UNO. (Photo courtesy Omaha Symphony)

The title ‘Three Scenes’ may be a bit misleading. Richardson says that he had no specific images or pictures in mind when writing. Instead, he said the music has more of a dramatic nature.

“The one concept that ties all three movements together is this notion of a chase,” Richardson said.

The opening scene is a high-energy expedition. “It’s a dark and aggressive kind of chase, and it doesn’t maybe end well for the folks who are involved in the chase.”

The second movement is reminiscent of a dream state and the third brings together a bustling marketplace, a hunt, chasing after love. While he didn’t have an ensemble in mind at first, Richardson eventually looked to the Omaha Symphony Chamber Orchestra.

“As I was crafting the piece, I starting thinking about our players in particular,” he said, “and started to write with them and their particular skill set and passion and virtuosity in mind.”

Also in mind was the audience. “As you listen to the music, it’s probably identifiably American…at this time in the development of our language and music. So it’s very much influenced by all the music that’s part of our culture.”

The concert is Saturday night at 7pm in the Strauss Performing Arts Center on the UNO campus.

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