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May 16th, 2011

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Omaha, NE – Chamber music by Bach and Mozart will be performed in the historic Joslyn Castle tonight.

The Joslyn Castle Consort will present The Bach Experience in the grand setting of Omaha's historic Joslyn Castle Monday night. (Photo courtesy

It’s the pre-season of the Joslyn Castle Consort’s inaugural year. The fledgling group of classical musicians came together to bring large-scale chamber music to Omaha, works of Bach and Mozart, in an appropriately intimate setting. Jason Dewater, the Artistic Director for the Consort, said “We believe that the power of chamber music comes sort of like a great glass of wine.”

“If you have a fine wine, you would really like to have the proper glass for the wine. Chamber music is similar in that this music is most powerful when experienced up close in a suitable-sized space.”

Dewater said large spaces can diffuse this style of Chamber music, which is rarely performed. And, he said, the Joslyn Castle provides a space similar to where the Chamber works might have premiered.

“You get to witness the music literally feet away from these musicians,” he said. “You get to see the eye to eye communication during the work, you get to see the movements of the musicians, and you get to witness the music so close.”

The historic Joslyn Castle provides an intimate setting for Monday night's Chamber music performance. (Photo courtesy

Dewater added, “It’s a powerful and unique experience for the patrons and also the musicians. It’s something that is unlike any other thing our musicians here in town get to do.”

The Joslyn Castle Consort will present the Bach Experience Monday night at the Joslyn Castle. The program will also include Mozart’s Flute Quartet No. 1 , and the world premier of Omaha composer Margo Rodig’s Adagio and Tango. The performance begins at 7 pm, and is preceded by a meet and greet, and a pre-concert talk with the musicians.

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