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April 20th, 2011

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Omaha, NE – Multimedia meets social media in a special presentation at the KANEKO this Thursday evening.

While New York and LA usually host world premieres, this week Omaha will have its chance in the spotlight. The KANEKO downtown will host a special preview of “Portals,” a multimedia collaboration that looks into social media and its effects on our personal interactions.

While its official premier in September is in New York City, this preview will allow the public to view portions of the work in progress – the brainchild of Santa Monica-based violinist Tim Fain. Fain said he was “thinking about this feeling of loneliness, and a need to reach out to other people… and how we do that in the digital age.”

Fain said “Portals” is intended to reflect the fragmented and impersonal world of social media with its own multidimensional approach.

The centerpiece is a new work for solo violin by American composer Philip Glass. There will also be video and interactive media produced by filmmaker Kate Hackett. However, music and film are just a few facets of the project.

“There’s going to be choreography by [New York Ballet dancer] Benjamin Millepied, who worked on Black Swan alongside Natalie Portman, and there’s also going to be spoken word drawn on the letters of [Canadian poet and songwriter] Leonard Cohen, which are so beautiful and lyrical.”

This special preview of “Portals” will be performed Thursday evening at 7pm in the KANEKO in downtown Omaha.

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