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April 28th, 2011

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Omaha, NE – The Bemis Underground kicks off Nothing and Everything at Once on Friday, with featured artwork from an Omaha native.

Nicholas Bohac is a native of Omaha, and for the past five years he’s been working on visual artwork throughout the country. Bohac, who now lives in California, said the show title, Nothing and Everything at Once comes from the indie rock band Superchunk. Bohac said the show really came together and he’s excited to share this with his hometown.

Minutes and the Months by Nicholas Bohac is part of the exhibit "Nothing and Everything at Once" opening at the Bemis Underground Friday. (Image courtesy Nicholas Bohac)

“There’s a very specific way that we hung the show,” he said. “It was conceptualized from the beginning, the moment that I started talking to the Bemis about this show, and that’s how everything came out. It almost feels like everything was firing on four cylinders and it just worked out perfectly.”

Bohac’s collection of 160 paintings is hard to miss at the Bemis Underground, because they cover one half of the gallery’s total wall space. In fact, Bohac said his favorite painting, Minutes and the Months, is five by eight feet tall.

“It can reference the idea of how the earth is changing,” he said. “One moment it doesn’t appear anything… just this icy landscape, and then as that breaks apart, it feels like it is so much more. Everything is broken apart and moving around, and there is a lot more fluidity to it.”

Bohac added his work is inspired by the “idea that everything doesn’t have to be what we think it is, it can be much more.”

Sculptures by Mike Roche, assistant to ceramic artist Jun Kaneko, will also be on display at the exhibit. Nothing and Everything at Once opens Friday at the Bemis Underground in downtown Omaha, and runs through Saturday, May 7.

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  1. Nicolle Rubino says:

    You should have talked more about Mike Roche’s sculptures- his work is amazing!!!!

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