Lawmakers defend hunting, fishing… proactively


April 6th, 2011

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Lincoln, NE – Lawmakers spent hours debating whether to add hunting and fishing protections to the state constitution, in advance of any attempts to limit them.

The Legislature resumed debate on a proposal to protect rights to hunting, fishing and trapping. The resolution by Omaha Senator Pete Pirsch would ask voters next year if they want to put the proposal in the state constitution. Supporters said it’s important to head off attempts by groups like the Humane Society of the United States to limit hunting – an initiative that group says it’s not interested in pursuing.

Sen. Mark Christensen of Imperial supports a constitutional amendment to protect hunting and fishing rights in Nebraska (Photo courtesy Nebraska Legislature)

Nevertheless, Sen. Mark Christensen of Imperial said lawmakers should pursue the amendment. “When we bring this issue forward, and we discuss it, it gets the press, it gets known around the state,” he said. “And people start understanding hey, the Legislature thought this was important. We better pay attention to what’s going on. Let’s not be the sleeping dog that gets attacked, and we’re trying to play catch up. Let’s be proactive. Let’s go after this.”

Opponents generally said they support hunting and fishing, but the amendment was unnecessary because attempts to limit them would go nowhere in a state so overwhelming favorable to those activities. But Omaha Senator Tanya Cook challenged that consensus.

“Nebraska is a diverse state,” she said. “People get on the microphone and talk about how they want their kids and grandkids to stay here. And every time you jump on the microphone and say how great it was on the farm, and how much you want to hunt and fish and do whatever it is you like to do, that makes some people just want to pack up and leave.”

“My bet is that if the economy were better on the coasts, they wouldn’t be coming back in the droves you claim they’re coming back in.”

The Legislature adjourned for the day without reaching a first-round vote on the bill.

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  1. Randy says:

    Why don’t they just let us vote on it? I really doubt that people hear about hunting and fishing and want to “pack up and leave”. If you don’t want to hunt and fish, great…don’t. But the past has shown that the anti-hunting/animal rights orgaizations will and do attack hunting.

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