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April 15th, 2011

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Omaha, NE – There’s a doctor performing around Omaha with a taste for classic horror films, zombies and charity events.

The metro is seeing a local television classic character come back to life and he’s bringing his shenanigans back with him. He may not have the proper medical credentials, but Dr. San Guinary has risen from the dead and now practices his ghoulish shtick for live audiences.

The new Dr. San Guinary said audiences appreciate the "nostalgia" of his performances. (Photo credit Elizabath Stayer)

The late-night horror show “Creature Feature” ran from 1971 to 1983 on KMTV. Its originator, John Jones, played the fictional character of a wacky doc, reminiscent today of a Mel Brooks’ character.

His guests included some local celebrities and politicians such as the late Omaha Mayor Gene Leahy. One episode, which guest starred Leahy, featured the Mayor flexing his political muscles, out-directing the show at the annoyance of a begrudged Dr. San Guinary. Each show featured a B-horror film and Dr. San Guinary would cut in with breaks peppered with the campy humor his dedicated audience loved to see. After Jones’ death in 1988, “Creature Feature” went on hiatus. But now, the Doctor is back with a new man behind the green makeup.

When asked about the comments from his new audiences, the new San Guinary said, “I pretty much get the gambit, I’ve ‘got the original one down to a T’, ‘pretty much like being in your living room in front of the TV, you know, circa 1977 or so’.”

The new Dr. San Guinary, who only wanted to use his character’s name, said he’s taken the concept of the original “Creature Feature” and now performs with the blessing of the Jones family. He performs in front of live audiences at the Aksarben Cinema. He said his live “Creature Feature” show still plays horror classics, only now on a big silver screen.

"Creature Feature" performs live at the Aksarben Cinema. (Photo credit Steve Gray)

“We cut into the movie, like the old show with some comedy routines and what not and have a lot of fun,” said Guinary. “Folks are really shining to this, we got the nostalgia factor of course with the original doc. They’re bringing their families and kids in to enjoy this live entertainment spectacular.”

Behind the slapstick comedy, Dr. San Guinary has always had a serious cause. Soon after its creation, the Dr. San Guinary name became synonymous with the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The partnership still remains and “Creature Feature” continues to use humor for charity.

Dr. San Guinary is expanding his fundraising efforts by hosting a Blood Drive tomorrow at Crossroads Mall beginning at 8 a.m. through 1 p.m. Donors can donate blood and cash; attendees can also get “zombified” by local makeup artists and limp around Crossroads in the famous “Zombie Crawl.”

He may not have the right papers to be a real doctor by our “living” standards, but he certainly has perfected the art of tickling a funny bone.

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