Fellini’s finest works return to silver screen


April 12th, 2011

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Omaha, NE – The work of legendary filmmaker Federico Fellini is being highlighted at Filmstreams this spring… from 8½ to a co-written piece that earned his first Academy Award.

Ten of legendary filmmaker Federico Fellini's greatest works will be featured in this spring's Great Directors series at Filmstreams (Photo credit Wikimedia)

The black and white film noir images of Fellini’s 1963 film, 8½, will return to the silver screen during Filmstreams’ regular Great Directors series.

8½ was hailed as “fascinating… pictorial poetry” by the New York Times when it debuted, and “brilliant” and “bizarre” by the New York Daily News. The film follows an Italian film director suffering from “director’s block”… and blurs dreams and fantasies with reality and memories, in distinct Fellini style.

8½ will run Friday, April 29th through Thursday, May 5th at Filmstreams in north downtown Omaha.

This weekend, Nights of Cabiria begins its five-day run. The 1957 Oscar-winning film stars Fellini’s wife Giulietta Masina as Cabiria Ceccarelli, a naïve prostitute who dreams of true love.

Filmstreams’ Great Directors series kicked off with I Vitelloni and continues this week with La Strada. In all, 12 films will be screened over 11 weeks. The series includes ten of Fellini’s greatest films, a documentary about his life and career, and a neo-realism piece, Rome, Open City, co-written by Fellini. It ends June 16th with the final screening of Fellini’s 1976 film starring Donald Sutherland, Fellini’s Casanova. For a complete listing, visit filmstreams.org.

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