Cost of a logo


April 6th, 2011

Jon Schriner

Omaha, NE – The University of Nebraska-Omaha is revamping its look, with a brand new logo and mascot symbol. But with tight budgets to consider, how much did the new design work cost the University?

One Response

  1. Kim Balkovec says:

    I think the new version of Durango is fierce — almost demonic! — and would certainly help psyche out our new Division I opponents. (It will take more than a logo and platitudes to make our teams competitive though.) Not so sure about the ‘O’ … the smooth-edged styling and narrow stroke doesn’t exactly complement the edgy, ‘thicker’ look of Durango. It looks more like a letter mark for a utility company or grocery store than for a university. The white edging is completely lost on a white background, which makes it look scrawny. I would have liked to see something more like the ‘N’ that UNL uses, with a little more edge/italicized. I would love to know what we spent on this. Kudos to The Omaha News for reporting on this perspective.

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