Students remember Martin Luther King


March 2nd, 2011

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Omaha, NE – Students and staff at the University of Nebraska at Omaha have wrapped up their Black History Month celebrations with a discussion about “…where the dream is today.”

About two dozen students and staff at UNO traveled back in time this week to the early 60’s, and watched a video of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior’s famous, “I Have A Dream” speech. The event was organized by Intervarsity Christian Fellowship; and Stacy Rafferte was one of the event facilitators. Rafferty said Dr. King preached a message of equality for all people.

Students remember Martin Luther King and celebrate Black history month at UNO (Photo Angel Martin)

“I really admire Martin Luther King,” she said. “He inspires me, his leadership, his character, the way that he laid down his life for the sake of justice coming to all people and equality, it moves me.”

“I think that’s the type of thing that makes me believe that there is hope for the future… that my son can experience more equality and freedom… and racial reconciliation than even I have experienced in my own lifetime.”

Lamarr Pringle is the youth pastor at Salem Baptist Church in North Omaha. He said we all have to work together so that Dr. King’s dream doesn’t become a nightmare.

“We can longer rest on our laurels and think, well there’s no struggle, no fight,” he said. “Anywhere’s there’s oppression, anywhere’s there’s humanity… it’s going to be a natural struggle. And whether its adolescence bubbling over, where they don’t want to go to school… they’re depressed. There’s something going on.”

A poster depicting African Americans fighting for equality stands at a UNO meeting, in celebration of Black History Month. (Photo Angel Martin)

Other Black History Month events hosted by UNO included a panel discussion about African American Women in the workplace, a history game show and a documentary discussion on the film “Good Hair”. UNO’s Black History Month celebration will end with its annual gospel explosion this Friday March 4th.

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