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March 7th, 2011

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Omaha, NE – Playwright Amy Marschak has a unique story, and she has a unique way of telling it.

The subject of incest is a taboo one. For Marschack, one past experience has lead her to channel her underlying feelings into a one-woman play entitled An Angel Cried a Tear Last Night. The story revolves around the trials and tribulations that come with being a victim of incest and sexual abuse, as well as the flurry of emotions that often follow. However, it also focuses on the healing process of a secret that’s often difficult to accept.

Amy Marschak wrote and will perform a one-person play with multiple characters (Photo courtesy Human Theater)

As she takes the stage, Marschak takes on the role of 17 different characters, each with their own mannerisms. The young playwright describes the process behind writing the role of each unique character.

“I listened to what each character wants, and as I switch I just go straight to thinking, what this character wants and trying to get it. It happens in a moment, you can’t be done switching what I’m thinking about, I’ve become the other character, I changed my voice my body structure, how I move, everything.”

The unorthodox performance has drawn crowds across from the country, and has so far received generally positive reviews for its dramatic scenarios and intriguing storyline. An Angel Cried a Tear Last Night will be performed March 11th at 8 pm at the Pizza Shoppe Collective in Benson.

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