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March 8th, 2011

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King Hedley II is now playing through March 27, at the John Beasley Theater (Photo Courtesy JBT)

Omaha, NE – King Hedley II is the 9th play in the late August Wilson’s 10-play Pittsburgh Cycle, and is now playing on the main stage at the JBT. Wilson received two Pulitzer Prizes for the series, which depicts the comic and tragic aspects of African American life in the twentieth century. John Beasley is the director and one of six actors in the play, which is the story of an ex-convict who returns home to clear his conscience. Beasley said Wilson was a poet before he became a playwright.


“It’s a very powerful piece with speeches that are almost Shakespearean,” he said. “Some have two and three pages of just dialogue for one character. It’s one of August Wilson’s more powerful and difficult pieces to perform.”

This August Wilson play takes place in the 1980’s in a housing complex. Beasley said local set designer, West Clawer built a realistic set for this play.

“At the theater we go to for realism,” he said. “So as an audience member, you feel like you’re eavesdropping, like maybe you shouldn’t even be there, as this is unfolding in front of your eyes as a piece of life.”

The show starts Thursday at 7:30 pm, with nightly performances through Saturday and a matinee Sunday. It continues through March 27th at the John Beasley Theater in South Omaha.

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