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March 24th, 2011

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Omaha, NE – There’s still time to catch the March exhibit at the Artists Cooperative Gallery.

The work of three local artists is on display through the end of the month in this month’s exhibit entitled Contemporary. “Contemporary” is the link between each of the artist’s quite different styles and media.

The work of three local artists is on display through the end of March at the Artists Cooperative Gallery (Image credit Artists Coop)

“JK Thorsen’s work is very expressive and colorful and impressionistic,” said Judith Anthony Johnston, the third artist in the exhibit. “Frank… blows through the glass with a lot of color.”

Johnston joins Frank Daharsh and fellow newcomer to the Coop, JK Thorsen. Johnston said Daharsh’s work is contemporary through his use of bold color and design in glass, and Thorsen uses modern, earth-friendly materials from her canvas to her oils. As for Johnston, her work is contemporary and abstract, using mixed media with gold leaves and other materials on wood panels.

“I’ve pulled in the concept of my social life and my spiritual life, trying to express that into my art,” Johnston said. “And I’ve chosen the medium I’ve chosen because the gold leaves, the charcoal and the wax, all of that is very tactile, it’s very layered like my life is. That’s how I express what I am through my art.”

Contemporary continues at the Artists Cooperative Gallery in Omaha’s Old Market through the end of the month. Next month, an all-member exhibit opens at the Gallery, featuring the work of 35 local artists.

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