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March 9th, 2011

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Omaha, NE – It can come in many shapes and sizes, and if you ask most people what art is, they’ll probably direct you to a canvas, or a sheet of paper. But, sometimes art can be found strictly in motion.

Nebraska Bellydance Spectacular 2011 will take place March 26th at the Scott Recital Hall. (Photo courtesy Nebraska Bellydance Spectacular)

The intricacies of the movements are awe-inspiring, the emotion is often overwhelming, and the music provides the backdrop for an art form that is both rich in history and content. Describing belly dancing is like describing a painting, words just don’t do it justice. You have to see it to believe it.

The Nebraska Bellydance Spectacular is a testament to that. Dozens of performers take to the stage in a variety of unique and eclectic dance routines that each reflect the region they originate from. These forms include American Tribal, Turkish, Lebanese, and Folkloric Egyptian style – just to name a few.

Christina Cudlitz is producer of the 2011 Nebraska Spectacular being held at the Scott Recital Hall at the Holland Performing Arts Center. She stresses the difference between each dancer, as well as the inspiration behind their performances. “For every dancer up on that stage, she’s going to have a different experience with it,” Cudlitz said. “So for some of the dancers it’s purely a dance of joy and entertainment, for some people it’s an exploration of folk dance, and then … for dancers like me, there is certainly a spiritual component to it.”

“I think that there is so much wisdom that we contain in our bodies, and by moving them and by sharing our stories in this way we certainly do tap into something bigger than ourselves.”

This year’s event has also taken on a new theme entitled “What is Beauty?” That question holds a special message for women everywhere. “The idea really is what does make somebody beautiful, what makes them engaging what makes them memorable, what is it about a person that really unveils beauty into the world so that concept has become part of the show,” said Cudlitz.

“As women in many shapes and sizes and manifestations really show their beauty. And that’s something that’s valued within the concept of this dance, is that a woman dancing and a woman moving beautifully is beautiful and tells her story and beauty is something that comes from deep within.”

The Nebraska Bellydance Spectacular is being held Saturday, March 26th in the Scott Recital Hall at the Holland.

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