Migraines, diabetes narrow birth control choices


January 4th, 2011

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Women with certain types of migraines, diabetes or high blood pressure should stay away from traditional birth control (Photo courtesy Ceridwen, Wikimedia)

Lincoln, NE – Women with certain medical conditions have to be careful about what kind of birth control they use. As Clay Masters reports, researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center are trying to keep doctors up to date on risks for their patients.

There’s constantly new information coming out about different forms of contraception and the effects they have on women. That’s why Rachel Bonnema and other researchers at UNMC recently published an article providing health professionals an update of contraceptive choices for women with underlying health conditions.

“Primary care practitioners are so inundated with things all the time,” she said, “and trying to keep up to date with the latest in blood pressure management, the latest in diabetes management. It’s a difficult job… and something like this, we feel is an easier way. Instead of reading every paper that we did, we want to put it together, kind of package it in a fashion that’s quick for them to read, easy to understand, easy to put in practice.”

Bonnema said, for example, that women who get a certain type of migraine with auras – seeing bright lights or wavy lines at the outset – should probably stay away from traditional birth control pills, in favor of a different type of pill or an injection.  The most common medical conditions that doctors and their patients need to look out for are diabetes, high blood pressure, migraine headaches and seizure disorders.

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