Fortenberry: Congress must address national debt


January 10th, 2011

Lincoln, NE – Congressman Jeff Fortenberry says Nebraska and the entire country face many challenges Congress must address, beginning with turning around the economy.

(photo courtesy of Rep. Fortenberry's home page)

“I think the general national environment of difficult economic situations is very deep and problematic,” remarked Fortenberry. “The debt situation of the government and how that’s causing not only economic problems, but also national security problems. Most Nebraskans know that we have to get the fiscal house in order and we’re going to have to tighten the belt – and that’s going to mean hard decisions and I think they’re ready to embrace that.”

Fortenberry said if Congress wants to speed up the nation’s economic recovery, lawmakers must address the problem of the national debt.

“We have the resources and the strength in this country to turn this economic system and problem around, but we have to have the will to do it. That’s got to begin with a congress that’s serious about getting its fiscal house in order. To pile up this level of debt is the same as taxation and it’s creating an inability for the economy to rebound quickly and also creates national security concerns,” said Fortenberry.

As Republicans take up the majority in Congress, Fortenberry takes up a new leadership position as chair of the Agriculture subcommittee with oversight of the Department of Agriculture.  Fortenberry is beginning his fourth term representing Nebraska’s first district.

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