Conservative groups throw weight behind upcoming recall election


January 5th, 2011

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Omaha, NE- Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle’s recall election is less than three weeks away. And Mayor’s opponents are ramping up their efforts to get him voted out.

The Mayor Suttle Recall Committee called a press conference today to announce not-quite-unexpected partnerships with other like-minded groups. Two conservative groups, Citizens for Omaha’s Future and Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, threw their weight behind the effort. Dave Nabity, who formed Citizens for Omaha’s Future has been a vocal supporter of the recall, and a possible contender for Mayor if it is successful. Nabity referred to the state labor court’s decision yesterday to award back-pay for firefighters, after an agreement with the fire union collapsed, as evidence Suttle should not see out his term.

“We can’t wait for Mayor Suttle to manage two more budgets and we can’t wait for him to settle this fire union contract because we’ve seen what he’s done with it already. We’ve got to have new leadership in this city and it has to happen soon,” remarked Nabity.

In a statement, Suttle responded to the decision yesterday, blaming the city council for inaction on the contract. Suttle said their approval could have kept the matter out of court. Nabity was joined by several Omaha business owners who said union sway at city hall as well as recent tax hikes passed by the city pushed them to support ousting Suttle.

Barton Bonn, who owns the tanning chain Ashley Lynn’s, says taxes are the number one threat to his business. Tanning salons were hit by a federal 10% tax earlier this year, passed within the new healthcare law.

“You walk through the doors of my business and you have to pay 17% tax in sales and excise tax,” said Bonn. “My unemployment insurance has doubled, my M.U.D. fees have doubled and it looks like they’ll triple. Property taxes at nearly every level have gone up…and we all face this.”

Suttle’s office was responding to the late afternoon shooting at Millard South High School, and did not reply to requests for comment. A recall election has been set for January 25th.

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