Peter Pan now playing at the Rose


December 3rd, 2010

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Peter Pan runs through 12/19/10

Omaha, NE – Peter Pan: the boy who never wanted to grow up, and spent his time instead flying around Neverland with the lost boys. The childlike magic of this classic play by James M. Barrie, is currently being brought to life by the Rose Children’s theater in downtown Omaha. The cast includes almost 60 local actors. Max Hauze will play the role of Michael, and Eden Ginsberg will play Wendy. Two New York actors are returning to The Rose for the leads of Peter Pan, played by Samantha Shatley and Blackbeard, played by Walter Shatley.

A 12-piece orchestra will accompany the performance, including strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion and piano, to recreate the drumbeats of the Neverland Islanders, and the tinkering bells of Tinkerbell.  The Rose’s Peter Pan continues through December 19th, with weekend performances at 2 and 7PM. The show is recommended for ages four and older.

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