Offutt time capsule offers rare look back for one Colorado woman


December 7th, 2010

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Lincoln, NE – It was 1990 all over again at a historic Offutt Air Force Base house. It all began with the story of the hidden letter that led to a special reunion.

“To Whomever finds this..Hi, my name is Brooke Savarda, daughter of General James. S Savarda.”

12-year-old Brooke used to read about time capsules. One night in 1990 she made her own…a two-page letter about herself, her nomadic military family and the events of the time, carefully written on spiral notebook paper.

“I am writing this letter because i have always wanted to find a treasure. This is my last chance for someone else to: my letter.”

Brooke put her letter in a ziplock bag and dropped it inside an upstairs bathroom wall.

“I just remember that they were doing the construction in the bathroom and I remember thinking that I wanted to put something back there that could be found later. Sort of the message in the bottle kind of theory,” says Brooke.

Flash forward two decades. Workers are again remodeling Quarters 21, the century old red brick house on historic General’s Row. They found the letter…which led to an invitation for its author and her family to travel back from Colorado to Nebraska and meet the current occupants of the house on exact day the letter was written, 20 years later.
Anne Lisherness greeted Brooke at the door. Lisherness then led a tour which stopped at the bathroom where Brooke hid her note.

“I thought I remembered placing it behind the fixtures, because they had opened up this entire back wall for whatever reason. I don’t remember,” says Brooke.

20-years-ago, Brooke wrote about her dog, a so-called cute mutt named Tyler…inventions like computers and cordless phones…and in a paragraph you might call insightful for a pre-teen, she talked about Mikhail Gorbachev, the Berlin Wall and war in the Middle East.

“Well, I think being a military kid was a big reason for that. So with my dad being in the Air Force, we just have a lot of exposure to what was going on.”

Brooke’s letter ended with this hope…” I just pray I can meet whoever finds this note.”

A prayer she never expected to be answered.

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