Funk Trek releases first album


December 8th, 2010

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Omaha, NE – The group Funk Trek will release their first album, on December 10.  KVNO’s Alain Hernandez plays the trumpet for the band. He said he’s been with the group for the past year.

“The music is influenced by jazz with a big funk influence too. What I like about this album is that every song sounds different. We have some hard core, hip – hop sounds, with no vocals just instrumental.”

Other members of the group include trombone player, Michael Lovejoy, tenor saxophonist Cameron Blazek, alto saxophonist Kevin Pflug, along with two song writers Andrew Wahl, and Tom Murnan. Hernandez also works at KVNO, as an on-air announcer. He said he gets inspiration from all types of music.

“The influence of the classical music that I listen to at KVNO is definitely heard somewhat in the music. I’m open to a lot of different types of music and you hear it in my horn.”

The album release party will be held Dec. 10 at the Benson Waiting Room, and the show starts at 9pm.

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