A Red Nativity returns to Omaha


December 9th, 2010

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The Red Nativity Show (Photo Courtesy RFD - TV)

Omaha, NE – Many have heard of the Holy Nativity or Christ Nativity but what about a Red Nativity? This Saturday, Dec. 11th, the Red Nativity Christmas Show arrives at the Omaha Orpheum Theater. A Native American music and dance company, the Brule’ returns to Omaha.  Paul LaRoche is the founder the company.  He said the show bridges cultures by weaving in recognizable Christmas melodies with Native American Music.

“We do present a nativity in our opening scene, it’s a little more earth-based than what most people are used to.  It still has all of the spirit and the heart of the Nativity and of course since it’s coming from Native America it’s a Red Nativity.”

LaRoche said the show is difficult to describe, but has been compared to a Native American river dance.  In addition to the Red Nativity scene, the show also includes a variety of traditional Native American dances and costumes also referred to as regalia.  He said he grew up Catholic and Christmas was a special time of year for him.  Now a member of the lower Brule Sioux tribe of South Dakota, he said he’s found away to celebrate both cultures.

“I was never told that I was Native American, it was taboo back in those days to openly claim that.  I grew up without that knowledge… just told I was adopted.  I lost both of my parents when I was 38 years old, and at that time my wife found some information about the adoption.  This brought my family and I back to my origins, and there was the beginning of Burle’.”

The show starts at 8pm at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Omaha.

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