Tom White concedes after weaker-than-expected showing


November 3rd, 2010

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Tom White, D, lost his bid to unseat Lee Terry by a wider-than-expected margin

Omaha, NE – After dozens of television ads and hundreds of thousands of dollars, Omahans have turned back the Democratic challenger for the U.S. House.  A little before 10PM Tuesday night, Omaha attorney and state senator Tom White conceded the race for the Omaha-based district two seat against Republican incumbent, Lee Terry.  White was greeted with a standing ovation of about two hundred of his supporters.  “To everyone here who poured their heart into those ideas,” he said, “I ask you, feel sad today but reaffirm your commitment for what we all believe in for tomorrow.  Thank you so much for everything.”

Campaign volunteer Robert Ligon said he voted for White because he represents things that are important to him such as social security and health care reform. “He represents the things that are important to … the middle class,” he said. “Unlike Lee Terry,” he added, “who seems to have joined forces with Republicans [whose] stated purpose is to prevent this President from succeeding from anything he’s tried to do.”

But White encouraged his supporters, saying“What matters are the ideas that we stand up for, that we will keep our promises to our parents, that we will raise our children in a world that’s sustainable, that offers them a life worth living, a better life than we were given.”

The race wasn’t as close as expected.  Terry ended the night with over 60% of the vote, and will return to Congress for his seventh term.

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