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November 22nd, 2010

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Bo Pelini apologized to the state for his outburst on the field (Photo courtesy Scott Bruhn/NU Media Relations)

Lincoln, NE – A subdued Bo Pelini apologized to the state for his nationally televised outbursts as he coached the University of Nebraska during Saturday’s losing game against Texas A&M.  The fans who were in Memorial Stadium to watch the high school football championships were very much aware of how Coach Bo Pelini conducted himself during Saturday’s Nebraska game, and some had advice.

“He needs to calm down. He needs to take a pill before a game.  He probably needs to calm down a little bit. To win you gotta be competitive, and he’s got that fire so that’s good.”

Overlooking the field, there were more TV cameras and reporters than usual at Pelini’s weekly news conference. He did not wait for the question about his series of angry rants on the sidelines.

“It’s okay to disagree with a call. It’s the way you disagree with a call that, ah… I believe at times during that game I got too animated and for that I regret that and I am sorry about that.”

The coach responded to nationally televised scenes of him ranting at the officials and his own players to a degree that surprised fans familiar with his emotional outbursts. Most notably, Pelini laid into his quarterback Taylor Martinez who had just returned to the field with an injury. Without being able to hear the chewing out, rumors spread about what set Pelini off. He wouldn’t say.

“My policy is I don’t talk about what happens in our family. What happens inside stays inside. I will not talk about what we talked about but I can say this: the things that are out there speculating over what that was are completely off base. Taylor is on the football team and he and I are on the same page and there are no issues there.”

Nor would Pelini say what he and the Chancellor of the University of Nebraska had to say after that game. Harvey Pearlman let the Associated Press know over the weekend he was not pleased. Many players have felt Pelini’s wrath, and those who spoke today agreed with Defensive back DeJon Gomes, who wrote it off to passion and a drive to win.

“He knows the potential that we all have and what we can do, so he doesn’t just yell for no reason.”

Pelini said he intends to show his passion less aggressively when the team plays its last Big 12 conference home game ever against Colorado this Friday afternoon.

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