Educator’s death spawns counter-protest


November 12th, 2010

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Omaha, NE – It all began with the death of South Omaha high school teacher Stacey Klinger.

The Westboro Baptist Church has had a history of protesting at the funerals of high-profile individuals in the Omaha community. What really isn’t known, however, is why they’ve decided to begin targeting teachers.

By 4:30 pm, Friday, there was a crowd of about 300 protesters stationed almost 50 yards away from St. Andrew’s Church on 156th and Maple St., armed with American flags, white sheets and umbrellas. Their motive was to form a sort of protective screen near the church, where Klinger’s funeral services were being held inside.

Still, there was virtually no sign of any protesters from the radical, Kansas-based church.

Most of the counter-protesters stood quietly, and waited with their eyes solely fixed on Maple St. It became a sight to behold as more and more people and vehicles streamed into the streets surrounding the church. It wouldn’t have been surprising to see the amount of counter-protesters grow. Even, if solely to honor the memory of a fallen educator.

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