Artists’ Coop features eclectic work


November 10th, 2010

Omaha, NE – The Artists Cooperative Gallery has a new exhibit this month, featuring an eclectic mix of local work.

Artist Susan Sutherland Barnes creates ceramic and wicker baskets with leaf molds (Photo courtesy the artist)

Susan Sutherland Barnes, based in Western Iowa, is a ceramics artist who uses clay to build abstract works in nontraditional ways. Barnes’ intricate, colorful glazed pieces are often composed around a single leaf… She uses a large leaf and constructs the clay mold around it, creating bowls and plates with leaves and flower designs, many with bright mosaic tile details, and even baskets, with woven wicker around the edges.

Joan Fetter, a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, creates bright, bold paintings — often of flowers, and portraits of athletes. Fetter’s work is distinctly abstract, using color and shape to explore traditional scenes in new ways.

A ceramic bowl molded from a large leaf, created by artist Susan Sutherland Barnes (Photo courtesy the artist)

Agneta Gaines is an artist originally from Sweden, who uses natural fibers to weave wall hangings and garments, incorporating other textural elements like wheat stalks or reeds, even glass or ceramics. And the final artist in this month’s exhibit is Dona Golden, a painter and printmaker who creates abstract watercolor art and linoleum or woodblock prints depicting nature, embellished with colorful layers and patterns.

Each of these local artists’ work is currently on display at the Artists Cooperative Gallery in the Old Market. The gallery rotates member artists’ work each month. This month’s exhibit runs through November 28.

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