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November 18th, 2010

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Omaha, NE – A “Lunatic” and “Master of the Impossible” takes the stage in Omaha Saturday night, and that’s his formal title…

Physical comedian Tomas Kubinek plays the ukelele, while balancing a wine glass on his forehead (Photo courtesy kubinek.com)

Tomas Kubinek, a soft-spoken native of Prague, comes to life before a live audience. In a video posting from a recent production on his website, the audience peels with laughter, while Kubinek, balancing a wine glass on his forehead, seemingly pulls each of his fingers off his hand one by one. Whistling and playing the banjo, Kubinek continues the act, lying on his back, his feet in the air… the wineglass still balanced on his forehead.

“When I was a kid, my dad took me to the circus,” Kubinek said. “And then I also would go to the library to see different shows, puppet shows… and I was really drawn to all of it.” Kubinek said he became intrigued with magic and circus acts, after he left Prague with his family in 1968 following the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.

“I started to look up stuff in the library, and I joined a magic club. And I started making my own shows… just traveling around with a little suitcase and doing shows, birthday parties or old folks’ homes or hospitals. I was little businessman at nine already.”

Kubinek honed his physical comedy and magic skills, working in the circus, with traveling vaudeville-style theater companies, and performing in cabarets, comedy clubs and street productions. He now lives in Connecticut and has performed his comedy and magic act in over 30 countries.

Tomas Kubinek, self-described as "5 ft. 8, with Slavic features and fuzzy hair," brushes his teeth during a performance (Photo courtesy kubinek.com)

“I love laughing and I love sharing that people,” he said. “Making them laugh with my different skills and sense of humor and improvisation. And I love the creative life, being able to share with people from myself, from my sensibility and view of the world, and to make them happy.”

Kubinek’s one-night-only performance on Saturday, Nov. 20 will be a different style of play, set against an orchestral performance by the Omaha Symphony, where Kubinek will draw the musicians, conductor and audience in on the act. The performance takes place at the Holland Performing Arts Center in downtown Omaha at 8 PM.

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