Textile exhibit opens at UNO


October 1st, 2010

Omaha, NE – A new exhibit at the University of Nebraska at Omaha Art Gallery opened this month. “Sequenced Fibers” is a unique collection of woven, handmade, embroidered and printed books. Karen Kunch is an Art Professor at UNO based in Lincoln. She juried the exhibit and said the work was selected to challenge the definition of what books really mean to us in our technologically evolving world.

“We’re actually considering the book is endangered in our time, where everything is on a computer or hand-held devices. So we’re advocating that the book is the ultimate hand-held item.”

Kunch said the work will range from letter press hand-bound books, to sculptural exhibits that hang from the walls, with embroidered print sewn onto the pages. She said there’s been a resurgence of interest in creating handmade books, and the form presents a unique medium for artists to redefine an old classic.

“That’s why the book form is so interesting. It’s this known entity that everyone has experienced,” she said. “Artists are always interested in challenging the definitions and the boundaries, and this is one way they can really extend this viewpoint, along with saying something that’s quite personal in a form that’s totally in their control.”

The exhibit includes 36 pieces from contemporary artists around the country. It takes place at the same time as another textile exhibit. Curator Jay Rich is presenting historical Chinese Kimonos and modern fabrics as examples of an ancient dye process that originated in China. It’s all taking place to coincide with the annual conference of the Textile Society of America which is taking place in Lincoln. The two UNO exhibits continue through October 28th.

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